New Normal (Travelling During The Pandemic)

Covid has altered our everyday life across the world. The outbreaks have many times been accompanied by misinformation building up insecurities in times and places, making it difficult for people to travel. Protocols have been put in place to make it safer for us but it’s still scary.

Some countries haven’t opened up to tourist including China which over time has had a decline in the cases of people with the infection, Australia on the other hand has reopened its international border for the first time in almost two years. Thailand is reopened since 1st Feb 2022 and returning to normalcy by easing the restrictions.

New health requirements to enter destinations some of the tests taken are the Antigen test which directly detects the presence or absence of an antigen, PCR test which is a very reliable test for diagnosing Covid, the tests are mandatory and occur when one is leaving and entering a country and sometimes even in transit.

Most countries including Spain and South Korea have started relaxing the lockdown measures. Some have mandated a capping number of flights and passengers to enter the country so as to control the cases.

Since the outbreaks began there’s been continuous pressure on health care workers and the medical facilities due to the covid virus variants making it difficult to travel.

Tourist attractions have been closed until further notice due to the pandemic. Taj Mahal is set to reopen for night viewing from 2nd March 2022. There’s progress on vaccinations and easing of entry restrictions in many destinations.

Kenya begins its recovery from the pandemic. Restrictions are eased and you must provide a valid covid-19 negative PCR test certificate while entering or leaving the country. Kenya announced the resumption of domestic air passenger on 15th July 2020 and international air passenger operations from 1st August 2022.The government provided guidelines on management of covid and requires all employees to be vaccinated. Wearing of masks is no longer mandatory since 11th March 2022,however people should maintain social distancing to ensure risk of spread is limited. All are welcome.

We hope for the well-being of everyone, stay safe and follow the restrictions put in place to keep you safe.


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    Posted by Tonny Baraza| April 6, 2022 |Reply

    Wow definitely a worthy read gives the reader information and a sense of comfortability. Thank you!!!

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    Posted by peter Nutt Studio| May 21, 2022 |Reply

    Very nice write, well articulated and researched. Keep up the good work.

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